Upgrading works at the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club began in 2013 on the first nine holes and continued in 2014 with the back nine. These extensive changes provide a better golfing experience and a more accessible golf to players with all levels of skills and abilities. 

The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club offers four sets of tee decks for each hole, so the angles of attack and approach vary. There is a generous provision of fairway where appropriate. Most of the greens offer a superb view on the turquoise lagoon, requiring truly exciting approach shots. 

Front 9

Hole 1 Lava Rock

425 yards/389 metres Par 4

A good tee shot must carry a natural pond and volcanic lava rock-face. The second shot should be aimed at the left-hand side of the generous green, sloping towards the guarding bunkers.

Hole 2 Wee View

360 yards/329 metres Par 4

A birdie opportunity for most golfers – with a good tee shot required and precise second shot to a small and undulating green perched above the level of the fairway.

Hole 3 Wet and Volcanic

182 yards/166 metres Par 3

The prevailing wind at the golfers back makes this hole play a little shorter than it looks, another good opportunity to make a birdie.

Hole 4 Split Decision

566 yards/518 metres Par 5

A real birdie or eagle chance for most players. A good tee shot followed by an accurate second shot will bring you near the green on the fairway which is split in the middle by a left to right downslope. You will be left with a short approach to the green.

Hole 5 Tidal Pool

390 yards/357 metres Par 4

After a tee shot towards the right side of the fairway, the second shot here is key to a good score as the green is guarded by one of the prettiest tidal pools on Ile aux Cerfs.

Hole 6 Beach

657 yards/601 metres Par 5

The long sixth plays along the full length of the spectacular beach. The tee is towards the right side of the fairway, which sweeps around the dogleg towards the generous sloping green facing the lagoon.

Hole 7 Mangrove

432 yards/395 metres Par 4

An accurate tee shot is required on this left to right dogleg hole to be positioned ideally for your approach shot. The tides slip in and out of the playing areas on the second shot and near the green.

Hole 8 Mangrove Walk

143 yards/130 metres Par 3

This little gem offers a short and exciting tee shot. The elevated green is perched high above a nice tidal pool surrounded by mangrove trees and volcanic lava outcrops.

Hole 9 Welcome Home

562 yards/514 metres Par 5

This original dogleg right is played across a natural pool. After a good drive, you will have two options: playing safely to the left to avoid the second pond, or hit a challenging and exciting second shot to the biggest receptive green of the golf course. 


Hole 10 Banyan

409 yards/374 metres Par 4

The start of the back nine requires a good tee shot in order to land safely on this right to left dogleg. You will be left with a true approach shot to the sloping green which entices backspin.

Hole 11 Round the Bend

618 yards/565 metres Par 5

The long eleventh plays towards the sea with views of the mountains on the mainland. Play a safe tee shot to this right-angled dogleg. Then, you will be left with a comfortable second shot towards a large fairway. You will play your third shot with full confidence to a very large green, our signature hole!

Hole 12 Cat and Mouse

457 yards/418 metres Par 4

With the dogleg left falling away to the beach surrounded by sand, the view of the Cat and Mouse mountain on the second shot is truly memorable. But focus on golf, and come away with a birdie.

Hole 13 Rock Ledge

188 yards/172 metres Par 3

The tee is near the beach and the wind will normally be coming from the right. The green is tucked between rock ledges left and right and just over a tidal pool.

Hole 14 Be Right

337 yards/308 metres Par 4

The truly courageous player can have a go at this par 4 green from the tee. A smarter play may be a lay-up to a level fairway lie. You will be left with a 60 to 80 meters shot to a long narrow green, a good chance of birdie on this hole.

Hole 15 Razorback

183 yards/167 metres Par 3

A narrow ridge-running par 3 with the prevailing wind from the left. Keep the tee shot low towards this generous green which enlarges at the back.

Hole 16 Reach Me if You Can

369 yards/337 metres Par 4

The different tees are stretched out along a ridge, dramatically changing the angle of play, from a carry over mangroves and the sharp dogleg to a straight tee shot. The huge fairway will entice long hitters to reach the green. You will be left with a short approach shot for a birdie. 

Hole 17 Tree-tops

378 yards/346 metres Par 4

The challenging tee shot must carry a mangrove bay. With a good drive, you will be left with a short approach shot to a generous green offering a panoramic view on the Indian Ocean. 

Hole 18 Back to the Boat

390 yards/355 metres Par 4

The mangroves must be carried on the tee shot of this dogleg left. Then, a short approach to a spectacular and generous green should offer you a last birdie. 

Hole 18 Ultimate Challenge

Optional Tournament 18th Green

410 yards/382 metres Par 4

The mangroves must be carried on the tee shot and again on the approach. The green offers a huge, three-level target. A par on this hole gives a true sense of accomplishment.